tyciol (tyciol) wrote in torontorealmen,

Critique of the ten commandments.

Hello dimitri! I joined your group so I could discuss some of these points with you. I do happen to agree with most of them, though there are some I have issue with.

Ten commandments for men...
3. I will only do this if it is clean and sanitarily kept. Shower preferred beforehand.
4. I think this is fine if it's done for fun and I enjoy it, I'll tell her off if it pisses me off though.
6. What if I'm tired or just want to chat about a subject? :p There are other times when I just might want to be friends with them first and have a less sexually charged relationship for once.
9. I'll spread it through my actions, I don't really like to advertise...

Ten commandments for women...
1. Sometimes I find a girl more attractive if she dresses conservatively, it's cute and stuff... though slutty is good too.
2. Well, only have issue with the ones I listed above.
3. If our women are open to it, should we do the same? After all, to satisfy her every sexual desire, it might be like us, to see their partner with someone of the same gender. That or be doubleteamed by us and another guy.
4. I'm not entirely at issue if it's jokingly, I'd rather she be honest and not have to hold her tongue if she has bad opinions or something, or just wants to toy.
6. While I do agree with this, it should be said that if they are following 2, they may have to disobey 6 sometimes if we fail to meet commandment expectations, so perhaps add that as an addendum? Also, even though this should be followed, we shouldn't insult our women either, and also, following our own commandments, should they really have reason to fear us exploding? I have more control than that, I might shout, but I won't murder or rape...
7. I might consider myself semi-metrosexual, in that I do plan to get manicures eventually because my nails are total shit from biting them and stuff.
9. If they want to... sure.

All in all, I don't mean to compromise your views Dimitri, but I think they are a bit extreme.
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